Paper Circuits Workshop

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The objective of the workshop is to introduce students to the science of electricity and the basics of electronics by building a number of circuits using copper tape, paper and LEDs.
Participants will learn about the basics of electricity first, including electrical flow and the function of a battery. They will also be introduced to the concept of conductivity (what is conductive and what is not ? ) , and shown how a LED works using a coin cell (e.g., long and short leg, and -).
Then they will be shown how to apply this knowledge by making a paper circuit, using the materials provided (paper, copper tape, battery, LED), and will put their knowledge of circuits into practice by making a simple paper circuit themselves (series).
Participants are then encouraged to complexify their thinking by making a parallel circuit and adding more LEDs. They are also encouraged to be creative with their designs, and can make a range of projects (e.g., light-up greeting card or 3D pop-up paper sculptures).
During the activity, participants are encouraged to reflect on the activity and the acquired knowledge.

Rehana has studied Pedagogical Sciences in the Netherlands and Psychology in the United Kingdom and has an academic specialisation in educational research and educational psychology. She is an experienced workshop lead and facilitator and has done numerous educational and research projects with several institutions and companies, including for the Sultanate of Oman, Music Tech Fest, BrightSign glove, Cellule Creative Studio, FireTech Camp, Tech Will Save Us, Do It Kits and the Crafty Robot. She is fluent in four languages and is interested in creative and wearable technology.

You will learn:
Learn the basics of electricity (e.g., conductivity, LED legs, electricity flow, and -).
Learn how to make circuits using paper LEDs, copper tape and coin cell batteries.
Learn about parallel and series circuits to make simple and complex circuits. .