Teach Computing and STEM with BinaryBots

BinaryBots™ are affordable card robot kits that bring Computing and STEM to life.

BinaryBots are known in schools as ‘Consumable Robotics’ this means that rather than spend your entire budget purchasing expensive robot kits to teach computing or STEM, you can purchase a much more cost effective pack. This will allow every KS2 and KS3 child to build their own robot making learning to code and STEM a much more interactive and individual experience.

Check out the calculator below to see how much it could cost for your school

Full Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Comprehensive lesson plans mapped to the National Curriculum for Computing and STEM (KS2 & KS3) are provided for schools.

Fun and Engaging

Children love to make things. Combine their creation with coding to fire up imagination, inspire dreams & build confidence.

Really easy to teach

BinaryBots make teaching Computing & STEM easy. Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions, videos & lesson plans.

BinaryBots 'Consumable Robotics' for schools

Robot Kits with a BBC micro:bit

Robot Kits without a BBC micro:bit

Top up robot kits in packs of 15

What kits would you need?

How many students do you teach at any one time? i.e. per class or after school club 30 students
How many students do you want to have their own BinaryBot? i.e. whole year group 180 students
Number of BBC micro:bits you already have in your school (if any)

BinaryBots™ kits work with the BBC Micro:bit

BinaryBots are perfect for teaching KS2 pupils Computing in primary school. The education packs are available to purchase with the BBC micro:bit included in the kit.

All schools with KS3 students were provided with BBC micro:bits for all Year 7 pupils in 2016. All BinaryBots kits work with the BBC micro:bit and can be supplied with or without a BBC micro:bit.

It's so easy to teach Computing and STEM with BinaryBots™

Build their very own robot

Create their own design

Learn to write computer code

Make them do exciting things