M5 stack course activity sucessfully organised

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The course of IoT-App-development-with-M5Stack Helps students who already have a grounding in block programming (Scratch, Mblock, Blockly etc..) take the leap into a typed language. Prepare your child for a future in the emerging IoT market. Learn how our devices connect to the internet and how to make them secure (Cyber security is a fast growing industry)

What you can learn

From the course, you will get a well understanding of the concepts of programming (Programming is a skill that helps students think about problems of all kinds in a systematical, critical and logical way, not to mention that a 2015 study found there were as many as seven million job openings in the US that required coding skills. The skills learned in this course can lead to multiple career paths such as robotics, game development, cyber security, app developer and so on. The course is presented in a fun way that helps the students not only to see the merits of learning such skills but also inspire them to take a further interest in developing their own ideas with the tech and newfound understanding they will get from attending the course.

Location:Stirling House, Cambridge Innovation Park Denny End Road, Waterbeach, England, CB25 9PB.