Potato war competition

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The objective of the workshop is to Build a smartphone controlled robot using electronics and vegetables.

Participants will first be explained (and demonstrated) the operation of the Smartibot app, circuit board, motors and battery box. Participants will be explained and shown how to build a robot out of vegetables, and explained that there are several challenges: a robot war (involving “pushing” other robots out of the ring) and a race. Then, they will build a robot using the provided Smartibot kit and pre-cut pieces of vegetables.

They will then work on the first iteration of their robots. The first iteration of the robots are tested and discussed, after which participants will build a second iteration of their robot, where participants should learn and experience several mechanical engineering principles including weight distribution, material properties, friction/traction and gear ratios to make the most optimal robot suitable for the challenges. After they have completed their robots, the robot war will be held using the smartphones or tablets provided. Then, the race will be ran. At the end, performances will be reviewed and prizes will be given.

2 You will learn :

Participants should learn how to design and build and program their own robot using the Smartibot platform and vegetables;

Participants should practice development through experimentation and iteration, focused on meeting challenge-based goal;

Participants should learn and experience the principles of user interface design;

Participants should learn and experience mechanical engineering principles including weight distribution, material properties, friction/tracion, gear ratios;

Participants should learn about and experience engineering trade-offs;

Participants should learn and use vegetables as the body of the robot.