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BinaryBots and BLOODHOUND SSC get children revved up about technology and engineering.

Posted 06/09/2018 by Chris Burgess


To celebrate BLOODHOUND SSC’s upcoming land speed record attempt, BinaryBots are thrilled to have agreed a deal with The BLOODHOUND Project to produce a Cardboard2Code JetCar™ Bloodhound kit.

The latest product from the Leeds-based technology company, the JetCar™ is a model car that children build themselves and use computer coding to move around. It’s a replica of BLOODHOUND SSC - set to be the fastest car on the planet – and the company hope it will bring the iconic attempt, and the staggering possibilities of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to life for children.

The BLOODHOUND SSC (Supersonic car) has been developed by The BLOODHOUND Project. Their mission is to set a new land speed record of 1,000 mph. The car is the product of British talent and innovation, with sponsors and contributors including Rolls-Royce and the RAF.

Richard Noble, CEO of The BLOODHOUND Project said: “We’re delighted to announce a partnership with BinaryBots, the innovative robots you can build and code. They've even created a limited edition JetCar™ that children as young as 7 can programme using a BBC micro:bit controller. This partnership compliments the Project’s aims of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

Chris Burgess, CEO of BinaryBots says: “The BLOODHOUND Project is the modern equivalent of the Apollo Moon Landings. Together, we are on a crusade to inspire and engage every child in STEM and robotics. STEM should be fun and what illustrates that better than a really fast car!”

And whilst BLOODHOUND SSC is the most complicated car ever built, children will build their own Bloodhound JetCar™ out of flat pack cardboard. They can decorate it with the official BLOODHOUND stickers or customise it themselves. Using a BBC micro:bit, which is included in the pack, they learn how to use code to programme their car to do all kinds of cool tricks; including obstacle avoidance, using LEDs and even speed runs.

At its top speed, BLOODHOUND SSC will be faster than a speeding bullet, so it should give Superman a run for his money. And once children have got the hang of coding, they’ll certainly feel like Superpeople as well.

The BinaryBots JetCar™ Bloodhound SSC edition, priced £49.99, is available for pre-order now from

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