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Using Smart Toys to inspire children into a STEM career

Posted 18/07/2016 by Chris Burgess

It’s been well-publicised that there’s a shortage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates. Numbers of those taking up these subjects at higher levels has decreased over the last two decades as students move towards more creative and transferable subjects. And despite the government encouraging students to take up these subjects or pursue them further, it has made little difference. However it has been suggested that encouraging children to play with certain toys can significantly aid in shaping their future career . Which is why, if you’re wanting to encourage your child to take up a career in either science, technology, engineering or mathematics, you should take a look at the toys you are providing them with.

Once an unattainable feature in futuristic films, smart toys have become a staple in children’s toy boxes over the last couple of years. Readily available and relatively inexpensive, smart toys are not just for entertaining your children; they can significantly help to shape their future. Smart toys are one of the finest and most flexible ways of encouraging STEM learning thanks to their ‘smart’ features. By getting them to get interested in building, counting and working out problems using smart toys, you will stand a much bigger chance of them taking up such subjects in the future.

Intelligent robotics and headsets are ideal for children of all ages. Coming in a range of styles designed for children from 0 to teen, smart toys engage children form the offset and help them with their learning and development. Robotics toys that come in ‘furry friends’ for example are perfect for getting small children communicating, counting and learning, whereas advanced robotic arms help teens become interested in the ins and outs of the machinery. Encompassing science, mathematics, engineering and of course technology, robotics are great tools for encouraging learning and development – when children need the most guidance. And that’s not just where it ends. Teachers, parents and even older siblings can also benefit greatly thanks to their immersive and engaging nature. Helping parents and teachers to see the incredible advances in technology, as well as encouraging siblings to take an active interest in this imitable tech, smart toys aren’t just for small children.

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