BinaryBots JetCar™ is currently under development. Check back soon for more info.

Binary's JetCar

Binary is working on his super speedy programmable Car.

  • Versions with & without a BBC micro:bit Computer
  • Includes Free online lessons and courses

Currently under development

The JetCar is built from flat pack cardboard that you learn to move using code. Using the BBC micro:bit and navigating the activity map, help Binary to get to the finish via whichever route you choose.

What's in the box

  • Flat pack Cardboard Jet Car
  • Motors, wheels, montor controller board
  • BBC Micro:bit single board computer
  • Sticker Sheets, medal stickers
  • Instruction Book
  • Cardboard Standup Binary
  • Activity Map
  • Ping Sonar Sensor
  • LED Strip
  • Line Following Sensors
  • Build your JetCar from the flat pack pieces
  • Use the glossy stickers provided to make your car flashy or colour it yourself
  • Build in the electric motors, wheels and power board
  • Use the micro:bit to code the car to drive around
  • Use the supplied PING Sonar board for obstacle avoidance

Binary's JetCar Activity Map

Click on the map to see a full resolution version

  • Use the supplied line following sensors
  • Code the supplied LED strip to display different colours
  • On the inside of the kit box is a design for Assault course - cut it up and use it to test your coding skills!
  • See how fast you can code your car to go on a straight!

Get a kit with you very own BBC Micro:bit

Some versions of this kit include one of the latest BBC micro:bit pocket-sized computers.

  • Designed by the BBC to help schools teach coding; the skill of the digital generation.
  • Simply connect it to a PC or Mac using the mini USB cable supplied.
  • It works with tablets and smartphones using Bluetooth.
  • No complicated software needed - just write code on a web page using Block Editor.

BinaryBots teach your child to code

6 reasons why children should learn to code:
  1. Code is one of the world's most widely used languages.
  2. Connected devices are already reshaping our world.
  3. Kids learn better and faster when they're young.
  4. Set them up for a successful career.
  5. Unleash your child's creativity.
  6. Increase your child's confidence.