The mechanical world of Planet Totem

The BinaryBots Universe

Binary & Planet Totem

Binary has been exploring new worlds in his solar system
On Planet Totem he saw strange mechanical animals!!

Binary & Planet Hex

Binary is an awesome alien inventor from his homeworld, Planet Hex. He builds robots & brings them to life with code
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Binary & Planet Filament

Searching for new manufacturing techniques, Binary explores Planet Filament with strange machines to make anything.
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Robot Animals from Planet Totem have unique capabilities

Each robot comes with Totem structure and our unique sensor board which will allow you to build the animal and then bring to life with code to respond instinctively to real world actions

Totem Crab

Totem Crab has an awesome motorised mechanical pincer

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Totem Spider

Totem Spider has a powerful motorised web for hanging around

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Totem Tortoise

Totem Tortoise can hide inside his shell with motorised action

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