Planet Hex - Binary's homeworld

The BinaryBots Universe

Binary & Planet Hex

Binary is an awesome alien inventor from his homeworld, Planet Hex. He builds robots & brings them to life with code

Binary & Planet Totem

Binary has been exploring new worlds in his solar system
On Planet Totem he saw strange mechanical animals!!
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Binary & Planet Filament

Searching for new manufacturing techniques, Binary explores Planet Filament with strange machines to make anything.
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Robot Inventions from Planet Hex are known as "Cardboard2Code" Robots

Each robot comes as a flat cardboard pack with lots of cool sensors which you can build, personalise and then bring to life with code


The amazing new smart toy robot everyone wants.
Dimm was Binary's first invention and is now Binary's best friend.

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Binary's UFO

Binary's UFO is a super saucer!
Binary can use it to fly from planet to planet to do experiments with its sensors.

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JetCar Bloodhound SSC Edition

Your own version of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car!
JetCar Bloodhound SSC Edition is a model of the actual car which comes with awesome sensors for some great activities.

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