Planet Filament

The BinaryBots Universe

Binary & Planet Filament

Searching for new manufacturing techniques, Binary explores Planet Filament with strange machines to make anything.

Binary & Planet Totem

Binary has been exploring new worlds in his solar system
On Planet Totem he saw strange mechanical animals!!
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Binary & Planet Hex

Binary is an awesome alien inventor from his homeworld, Planet Hex. He builds robots & brings them to life with code
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Inventions from Planet Filament can be used to make your own designs from scratch!

Each machine comes with filament & designs to start making your own cool inventions.

Nano 3D Printer

Nano 3D Printer - the tiny cube printer for manufacturing cool inventions.
Nano 3D Printer tiny but powerful.

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X2 Mini 3D Printer

X2 Mini 3D Printer is an incredible machine!
Binary can use it to manufacture replicas of Dimm.

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